Siege Diaries 8/28/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: What luxuries can I practice not needing?

“We can still live well without being slaves to luxury.” More pandemic lessons: many of the things I considered “luxuries” were actually out of reach, and so I practiced not needing them because life had made it impossible for me to have them. Travel, concerts, even clothing bought on the spur of the moment because I saw something in a store–those have been things I had to eschew. As things seem to be opening up, I’ve embraced the first two of these as they have become possible, but now much more aware of how precious those opportunities are. I can live without them, yes. And there are some things I now see as just as precious that require much less outlay of funds–such as time spent with friends.

I have in my possession a sooper seekrit gift that’s been about 15 months in the making; it’s to be passed on to the person who’s making the final touches later this coming week. I picked it up in person, since I was also picking up a really nifty thing from the same lady. I now own my very own samovar (which is, for those not aware, a traditional Russian vessel for brewing tea, and a symbol of hospitality). This one was made in 1976 and includes an extremely heavy voltage converter that I am going to need to clean, along with six vessels for the tea. Perhaps I need to investigate tea a little more beyond the lovely herbal spice blend that I tend to drink only when my throat is raw. Whatever the case, this thing looks neat sitting downstairs, and I may need to rearrange things a bit so it can sit on my hutch.

On the way back home, I stopped by Limeridge to get batteries installed in some watches and to pick up Extreme Pita. Unfortunately, there was a sign on the battery place that said “eating lunch, back shortly.” So I went and got the pitas, and came back, and they still weren’t back, so I decided to try again later in the week.

It’s now just a week until the first SCA event in a year and a half. I have been working on scrolls to turn in, and finished two today. The final one is well underway as well, and I’m reminded at how much I like this style (representing carved Gothic-style wood.) I should be able to finish it tomorrow–I’m going to try to finish my book on Pluto tonight