Siege Diaries 8/29/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: What wants can I eliminate today?

Well, I successfully fought off a desire to order a blouse from my favourite reproduction vintage store just because it was on sale…

For me, overindulging in wants is the death of a thousand cuts. It’s very rarely a bit thing, but all kinds of smaller ones.


Good day at the Museum today, followed by a couple of errands–I now have some proper mask filters for some of the masks that have space for them, plus I grabbed some new masks as one or two of mine are getting well worn, plus my Lanc mask has gone missing. I picked up a new Lanc patch, and now I have a new Lanc mask. D&D was cancelled, so I finished up the illumination on the final scroll and made a new povoinik (a foundation coif-like piece for my Rus’ garb; the old one was built for someone with short hair) out of a third teatowel I never used when I made my original one. A good Pathfinder session, and we’re at the end of another weekend.

I suspect our porch dove may have hatched her next brood–I saw her (or her mate) standing on the nest today looking very much like she was delivering a meal.

Unfortunately, not the best ending for the day. I have apparently just chipped a tooth. Will be making an appointment with the dentist tomorrow.