Siege Diaries 8/30/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: Can I do today’s duties with both courage and confidence?

Today’s duties were rather light–work-wise, it was mostly updating a presentation, and otherwise, it was finishing the last scroll. So, very little courage needed. I’ll keep that thought for a day that’s a little more packed.

Yesterday I purchased chain and some split rings to be able to be able to wear a pair of Rus’ pendants I’ve purchased during the last 18 months. Alas, once again, the chain proved too thick to fit through the hole in the pendants, even though I got the finest chain I could purchase. I was ready to return some of the supplies to the store when I suddenly had a revelation: The split rings I’d purchased were quite large. Could I not attach the pendants to the ring, then also attach the ring to the chain? The answer: I absolutely could! Problem solved! I’m particularly excited about the one on the left, which was from Novgorod and seems to have been some kind of symbol of office.

Today the 40s style oxfords I ordered in April from American Duchess arrived.

I also have finished up the final scroll. I’m very happy with all six of the scrolls I’ve completed in recent weeks.

I also have an appointment at the dentist tomorrow to look at my broken tooth. I’m a bit worried this one might be heading for crown territory. There was one of my teeth that, when filled last year, the dentist mentioned that the filling was very large and might need a crown at some point. At least there’s still no pain involved.