Siege Diaries 8/31/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: Where have I done others wrong?

Sigh. I really do worry about this a lot. I am very aware of my failings, and as much as friends wave them off, they do nag at me. Nothing horribly evil, just areas where I’m aware I could do better, and mostly associated with a certain slightly manipulative tendency designed to garner sympathy, as well as a lack of everyday follow-through with friends (I have a real issue cultivating and tending friendships.) It’s never really a matter of active wrongdoing, it’s quite passive, but it does exist.

On that cheery note…


We once again have at least one chick confirmed.

Also, I am for the first time in a year and a half making a new SCA garment. I’ve had a piece of ivory-coloured bamboo fabric in stash for years (it dates at least back to Ajax); it’s got a lozenge-shaped pattern that reminds me a little of lozenge twill. I’m about 80% done with a Rus’ tunic, one that will finally have quite long arms for that scrunching look, plus trim placed so that I can wear the bracelets I got just as lockdown started with it.

I’ve also taken over another scribal assignment. I should be able to get started on it tomorrow evening once I put the final touches on my tunic.

I’ve forgotten how much I love Toronto at night. It evokes feels that go way, way back, back about 37 years to the first time I experienced a city that was simultaneously so alive at night but yet not dangerous. Driving tonight, I had a bit of that feeling.