Siege Diaries 9/4/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: How can I see these difficulties as a lesson and a test?

This was a question I was asking myself around April or May of last year, just like everyone else in the world. The basics of my life hadn’t changed–I had my job, my house, my cats, and my husband; I had security, and I was learning what I needed to do to be safe. I even still had Toastmasters. But there was no SCA–which I had counted on to keep my creativity ignited–and there were none of the cultural things that feed my soul–concerts, museums, travel. And there were no friends to see in person.

About five weeks ago, I saw my first concert since March 2020. Today was the first SCA event. And while we all had masks on, there were people to see and talk to, gorgeous clothes to wear, and worthy people recognized. Fighters and fencers got to play. The rest of us visited, caught up with people we hadn’t seen in person for months, and enjoyed a perfect day. I got to wear my new tunic and read a poem as a gift that about 20 people worked on last year was presented to Their Majesties. It felt achingly normal. (And it made Her Majesty cry.)

The lesson, of course? Find inspiration where and when you can. And when you have the opportunity to once again enjoy what had been missing, soak it up and treat it like the special thing that it is.

The puppet is a scroll assignment that was meant to be given out when Kaylah and Trumbrand stepped down. It was finally able to be handed out today.

It was also lovely in its own right to be out on the road, listening to Shostakovich, watching the Ontario landscape roll by on a perfect early September day.

And I’m particularly happy to find out, returning home to check the weather, that by Museum time tomorrow the rain should all be over and we should have a good flying day. No Lanc tomorrow, but the Canso has a couple of flights.


Before I left for the event, I caught mourning dove feeding time. It looks like she may just have the one chick this time, although I could be wrong.

It’s amazing how fast they grow. I expect this one will be out of the nest by this time next week.