Siege Diaries 9/5/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: What is truly mine?

What occurs to me right now is that I choose what to do with my time. And today’s photos are some of the evidence of how I’ve chosen to spend that time over as long ago as a year past and as recently as today.

I think I’ve made pretty decent choices.

Today, I can finally share work done many months ago.

First, these were my pages from a book presented to TRM Rattanicus and Isabel yesterday. The bulk of the work was done last year, but we wanted to present it in person, so it waited until yesterday.

And then, the Award of Arms for Nicola Canis:

And speaking of work done many months ago, DSCH Journal no. 55 arrived on Friday, and with it the piece I wrote on my Shostakovich embroidery obsession and what it’s meant to me during the pandemic. I wrote the article back in March, and it just came out in early August. Canada being Canada, it took awhile for my copy to arrive.

And I also finally finished my first Cat of Brutalism, after being distracted by the blackwork project. The second one will involve Olympic Stadium in Montreal, just in time for my trip to Montreal.

Only the cat’s head is embroidered. The rest is glossy photo paper.


I’ve been pondering the rising case count in Ontario; it continues to slowly creep higher, but there’s a key difference now: officials are now reporting both cases in the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. I realized awhile ago that what we actually want to happen is a greater proportion of positive cases to be in the unvaccinated. Why? The cases in the vaccinated are much less likely to result in serious illness. What we want is that ratio to continue to tilt towards the vaccinated.


A good day at the Museum, finishing an embroidery piece (and queuing up the next one) and a solid Pathfinder night…all good. Tomorrow is Labour Day, so a day off.

I’m off to make a little more progress on Crime and Punishment.