Siege Diaries 9/22/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: Can I keep life’s rhythm no matter the interruption?

I saw an actor in a production recently who was giving a dramatic reading skip a page. She caught the error almost immediately, paused, and flipped the page back to the right one. The rhythm was barely broken. I also once saw a violinist break one of her strings in the middle of a performance, and instead of stopping, she continued right on, simply playing in higher positions to make up for the lost string. Even professionals mess up or have disaster strike. Unless that mistake results in harm to someone else, there’s really nothing to apologize for.

One of the things I always teach in my workshops about speaking is that only you–the speaker–knows what you’re going say–so try to combat the urge to apologize if you forget something, because that only calls attention to it. You know you’re getting proficient when you’re able to find a way to work in what you forgot without lighting the word SORRY! in figurative glowing red lights above you. But this kind of response takes planning, practice, confidence and composure. It’s a learned skill, not an innate talent–which is why I keep practicing it.

T minus 19 days until my year of Daily Stoic writing prompts is complete.

Today’s half day off involved incessant rain and a little bit of disappointment (no cinnamon rolls at IKEA!) but also resulted in an amazing find. After a stop at the Fabricland on Ottawa St. (which did not yield any of the fabric I was looking for but did yield some nifty periodic table fabric) I strolled through the Hamilton Antique mall, keeping my eyes peeled for interesting items. I found one thing I was looking for (a candelabra) . I was sorely tempted by a bronze lamp with a cherub, not unlike one I remember my parents owning. It looked a little like these, except with a much less Victorian-looking shade:

The lamp was just $50, and it was turned on, so it works. However, I have no idea where I’d put a bronze cherub lamp. I thought I was going to escape with just my candelabra until I saw a spectacular Art Deco ring in the 50% off case. I’ve learned my lesson about one-of-a-kind items, so after trying it on and determining that it would fit one of the fingers without a more or less permanent occupant, I ended up buying it.

I also stopped by Starsky’s and picked up some poppyseed loaf, a consolation prize for the missing cinnamon roll.

Today’s massage? Just meh. I’ve been trying a number of the different therapists to see who I like best, and this was one of the ones I hadn’t tried. She did a nice job on my arms and hands (which I hadn’t had done before) but overall, she didn’t go as deep as the others have to find the tight/sore spots. It was more relaxing than therapeutic.

Now off to continue listening to Shostakovich symphonies (currently on no. 7) and to press on with my cat embroidery.

And I’ve just signed up to do a speech tomorrow night on my Montreal trip…