Siege Diaries 9/23/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: How is my training coming?

I think the key message here is that training never stops. Practice never stops. People who get good at a thing, if they want to maintain that proficiency, don’t stop with the practice. Ever.

I’m currently trying to train myself back out of a lax period with eating habits. Nothing too extreme, but just a bit of sloppiness that I need to correct for. It’s been a little slow going. During the pandemic so many people, myself included, found food as one of the good things still accessible to them. And while I didn’t drift too far away from my good habits, I did drift enough that I need to start practicing them again.

It’s a bit of a transitional period for a lot of things. There are more opportunities for things like travel, the SCA, and concerts at the moment, and I’ve been starved, so there’s a tendency to binge because we don’t know the future. But I’d been spending money on other things, so switching back over to spending on these things needs to mean turning down the spending on things I might have spent more of during the months of greater restrictions.

And this will go for time management as well. Projects with real deadlines are appearing now. The expectation that I can bang out a needlework piece quickly, for instance, is dissipating. I’m mostly good with that, but sometimes I want to synch things up with significant dates (that aren’t actually deadlines) and have to make sure I have time for that.

And….T minus 18 days and counting….

Lying Purple People Hitler. You read it here first. (That’s my nickname for a certain Canadian politician and some of the fash shite he tried to pull on journalists.)
Not a lot happening today, aside from giving the Toastmasters speech I put together over the last 24 hours, including a PowerPoint deck of photos. Speech went a bit long, but was well-received. It’s always good to get to share some of the stuff you’ve been rabbit-holing about recently.

Listened to Shostakovich symphonies 10-12. That puts me on track to finish the cycle tomorrow.

Going to post this so I can get a little bit of embroidery in tonight.