Siege Diaries 9/24/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: Have I thought about all that might happen?

I’ve been thinking of this for years. When I was a kid, I used to literally pray every night not to get cancer and a litany of other diseases. I don’t do this any more. I think the key here is to not let these things paralyze you with fear, but to learn all you can about them, so that should something happen you’re not knocked completely for a loop. Again, a lot of this is the sense of being good with what you have today, because things could change completely. And they have on multiple occasions.

It was a gorgeous day today. I took the car for its oil change, and while it was being worked on, I walked up to Denningers and then over to Dollarama, before sitting outside (in the photo above) in a Muskoka chair just enjoying the early fall weather and finishing up my Shostakovich symphony four-day binge. Before returning home, I picked up a little something for tomorrow’s festivities. Tonight, I’ve been busily working away at the Olympic Stadium cat while watching episodes of the Muppet Show tonight.

I’ve also continued some general tidying in my office. I unfortunately found another thing the moths had gotten to–it was some fabric in a collapsible fabric bin. The moths had actually eaten the fabric along the seams, which was a little surprising–I thought those bins were made of recycled plastic. Whatever the case, it’s gone now and I’ve brought out another milk crate to use in its space on my craft supplies storage unit.

The big news today? A sudden end to an international incident. The Chinese woman, Meng Wanzhou that Canada had been holding under house arrest for extradition to the US to face fraud charges has cut a deal. And just like that, the two Canadians accused of spying (one of whom had been tried and convicted) are on their way home to Canada–more or less tacitly saying that the charges were absolutely completely retaliatory. They didn’t even wait a few days to make it look less obvious.