Siege Diaries 10/1/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: How will I let my virtues shine today?

I’m reminded that one of the virtues I aspire to most strongly is kindness. It’s been two years since the Huntsman’s Harvest where we met a three-legged kitten and fell in love, adopting her a little more than a week later. She came with worms and a voracious appetite Today, Furiosa (nicknamed Meep, from her tiny meow) is an extremely affectionate, extremely fast tripod kitty who no longer feels she has to eat everything in sight. I’m so glad that we decided to adopt her. My love for cats is probably one of my longest-standing characteristics, and I think it’s taught me many, many lessons about patience, how to show love with one’s actions, and, of course, kindness.

A busy day at work, including video taping; and then event prep for tomorrow. I’ve gotten the phonetic pronunciations for a Russian text.

Speaking of Novgorod, and with Brutalist architecture at the front of my mind lately, I ran across a fascinating article on a theatre in Novgorod built in Brutalist style in the 1980s. Here’s a photo of the theatre, which is now overkill for what has become mostly a country town after the fall of the Soviet Union and the departure of the industry that once prompted building projects like this one for a growing population.

As per the article,” The building was designed in such a way as to be invisible from the main lookouts of the historic city; it leaves the historic centre whole while offering a radical contrast to it. Being intriguingly dominant, it stretches alone on an empty plot of land. The theatre has numerous facades; one resembles the white arches of Novgorod’s Orthodox churches; another overlooks the river with five-storey high windows.”

The building is still in use (and has a repertory theatre company in residence), but underutilized in a city that’s declined in population since the Soviet era.