Siege Diaries 10/3/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: Do I live as if we are all one–all parts of the same whole?

This is truth. There is no other way, as much as some may delude themselves otherwise.

Yesterday’s update was short because of how full the day was. By the time I got home, it was 11:15 and there was no time to write out what could reasonably count as two days’ worth of updates. So, here we are, a day later with not much more time–but I’m finding it.

Huntsman’s Harvest is normally one of my favourite SCA events. It’s small, it’s local, and archery is a main focus–we don’t get many sites with a dedicated archery range. Two years ago, it even resulted in the adoption of the very adorable Furiosa a few days later. This year, it was laden with even more meaning, being the third in-person SCA event since things started back up, and because of plans that had been in the offing for about two months.

Yesterday, I begged a boon to invite my apprentice Tadc to join the Order of the Laurel. The writ was done by me as a birch bark document, in the style my persona would have used, translated into Russian (which isn’t the Novgorod dialect that would have been spoken in he 13th century, but close enough.)

Tadc’s husband Bjarn was in on all of this for about five weeks. We communicated through text so Tadc wouldn’t catch on. Bjarn made plans to present some of his art to Her Majesty –the first portrait he did on the online paint-along sessions. He then made a speech about artistic inspiration. I then asked him whether he was perhaps forgetting his greatest inspiration, and called up Tadc. The look on his face, and the hug they gave each other–and this was before I begged a boon and had Tadc’s works brought forward–this is what I live for. It was amazing. It was everything.

And as we speak, things are moving at light speed. We’ve moved to have the elevation take place at an event in just 13 days. We’re going to be doing a dyeing session as the vigil.

I’ve been spending the past two hours furiously coordinating confirming with Their Majesties, lining up speakers for the ceremony, lining up people to make clothes, lining up a scroll, starting to think of ceremonies–all the things.

So this is a rather different post than I expected to make, and I’m definitely not going to get to describing the concert I went to yet, either.

Suffice it to say it was an amazing day. (I even won the archery tourney!)