Siege Diaries 10/5/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: What do I say that’s better left unsaid?

I think if you asked my friends, you’d find that I have a reputation for discretion. No, my problem is in the other direction–not so much that which is said that should be left unsaid, but that which needs to be said that I lack the courage to say. I really do hate confrontation. I’ve learned to deal with it, but it’s still a challenge.

One week left.


The pumpkin embroidery is finished and handed off to the person who commissioned me. He was thrilled.

I also had a very successful day selling a couple of pieces of jewellery my mom left me (one of which has been literally sitting in my jewellery box for 20 years, the other which I wore maybe ten times), which will help fund another jewellery purchase.

Speechcraft today ran like clockwork. We’re now halfway through!

Today is the second anniversary of meeting Furiosa for the first time. It seems like she’s been with us for much longer but yet at the same time barely at all — such is the warping of time during the pandemic. October 11 is her actual “gotcha” day.

And while we’re talking cats, people who think cats aren’t expressive haven’t met Spitfire when Victoria intrudes a little too much on her personal space.