Siege Diaries 10/6/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: Who else can I root for–other than myself?

I think that once you realize that life is not a zero-sum game, and that when excellence is widespread, everyone tends to prosper, you quickly learn to enjoy rejoicing in the successes of others. What you extend to others comes back to you.

Ceremony draft time. I think I have a good working draft, and have confirmed some things with the vigilant. I’ll take a second look tomorrow and then start filling in some bits. I’ve also set up the test for the virtual vigil.

We also indulged in Swiss Chalet’s Thanksgiving special today–pretty much like a Festive Special, but with fewer Lindt truffles and the addition of pumpkin pie.

I took a lovely drive down to Jordan to visit Fibre Garden, picking up two skeins of natural wools for our dyeing fun. I was also hoping to pick up some items for a friend, but apparently (according to the guy at the store) natural dyeing has become super popular during the pandemic and they were out of a lot of dyestuffs. It also turned out that Jordan is where the store for Cave Springs winery is located, so I popped in and bought a bottle of Riesling. I have a very long history with this particular winery and their Riesling–it became my favourite when I discovered Ontario Rieslings in the early 90s; they also make an excellent icewine. I haven’t had any for a few years, so I am looking forward to re-indulging.

I also stopped into a store run by the local history museum and found a really nifty top on sale for $20 and some fudge. There is a really charming inn there in town, and I’m wondering whether that might be a nifty place to stay overnight at some point. On the way back, there was traffic backed up for kilometres due to a rather dramatic crash on the opposite side of the highway that was being cleaned up just as I got onto the QEW.

We also watched the season finale of What If? The individual episodes were all interesting, but this final one was really needed to make sense of what went before. It was also a little less depressing and more standard Marvel fun than some of the other episodes.