Siege Diaries 10/8/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: What is more pleasing than wisdom?

That’s a bit of a leading question, isn’t it?

Not that I disagree. However, the associated meditation for today mentions that even “pride in accomplishment” is a fleeting pleasure. I’d disagree with that. If an accomplishment involved learning–and most of mine do–I’d say it contributes to wisdom. Wisdom doesn’t just appear. It is gained through experience, and learning is a kind of experience.

And so we enter the final weekend for the writing prompts. Just three more days left.

I have now started in on the elevation tunic. It’s cut out and one sleeve is sewn; I’ll continue working on the sewing after I post this. I also have the embroidery sketched out on the fabric. Well, it’s on two pieces of fabric–one a herringbone wool, one a plain linen. I think I’m going to give it a go on the wool first, because I love the pattern, to see how it works.

I also went over to Fabricland to pick up a pen that vanishes on fabric after 3-4 days–only to not actually use it because it’s not dark enough. However, I also stopped in at Limeridge to look at shoes. I was thinking another pair of Blundstones, or maybe a pair of Docs. I even got to the point of asking to try on some Docs. While they were in the back, I saw jars of “Renovating Cream” for Blundstones–and they had the cherry colour of the pair that I have just worn everywhere and which were looking a little scuffed and faded. Turns out they didn’t have the Docs in my size–but I did leave with a jar of the cream. My Blundstones are now a deep, rich colour again and I didn’t waste money on a pair of shoes that really weren’t what I was after.

Speaking of money, the cash I made for my gold sales is now in the bank, and the deposit made on the ring I’m having custom made. Hopefully it’ll be ready by this time in early December.