Siege Diaries 10/9/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: Have I set my standards and am I using them?

This is all about being true to your own high standards and beliefs. I do indeed have them and I strive every day towards those ideals. I do mess up. I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t, but for the most part, I think, I do decently well.

Today, a day both productive and relaxing. After nearly getting the vigil tunic sewn together, I discovered a key piece was cut too small, so I had to take the whole thing apart and start again. However, I did get it finished except for the collar and cuffs while at our friends’ place for Thanksgiving today, and got a really good start on the embroidered collar. (No pics yet–this is a surprise, after all).

As this year of daily posting is drawing to a close, it feels good to reflect on where we are right now vs. where we were last year. And Thanksgiving with friends is a perfect example. It was a wonderful meal, with turkey, stuffing, root veg, fresh rolls, and pie. My hunger is satisfied, as is my desire to spend the day with meaningful people.

And I close my day with this.