Siege Diaries 10/10/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: What do my principles tell me about persisting and resisting?

I chose the photo above before I even saw today’s prompt. You are looking at the replica bomb for Operation Chastise (otherwise known as the Dambusters Raid.) In 1942, when the work on the project began, things were not going great for the Allies. Figuring out how to bounce a 10,000 lb bomb from a Lancaster flying 60 ft above a dam sounded–still sounds–preposterous. There were several points at which this project could have been shelved, but the planners persisted. By 1943, the war was dragging on. No end seemed to be in sight. No one will claim that the success of the raid changed the course of the conflict, but not all victories are measured in the same way. The fact was, despite significant loss of life, they managed to get two of those bombs to do what they were designed to do.

In 1943, at the time of the Dambusters raid, the Siege of Leningrad was on its 618th day. It still had over 250 days left. Yes, the blockade had been lifted, but the danger was not over. The need to resist was not yet past.

Here I am today, in day 575 of my own–of the world’s–siege. Yes, I’m working intently on a project for an in-person event next weekend. I’ve been to three concerts. Life has resumed a kind of quasi-normal rhythm, but I have to resist that urge to deem anything as truly over–because it’s not. I must persist in the mindset that has gotten me this far.

One more day.
Today: Several hours at the Museum. Then we went over to a golf clearance sale at a hotel on Upper James. Both Dave and I came away with sets of clubs. Mine are used and have carbon fibre shafts, so they are lightweight–which is good for someone who does not have a strong swing. We’ve been doing the driving range these past two summers, and it’s spurred an interest in actually perhaps playing a couple of the public 9-hole courses. For me, this really is about doing an activity I associate with my Dad–something we started doing with him in that brief period that we lived in Columbus 20 years ago. It makes me happy. I don’t particularly expect to become any good, or to make this a major hobby–but I do expect to have fun.

After that, lots of embroidery while I played Pathfinder. Reached the milestone I wanted to get to on the collar embroidery. I am very optimistic at the prospect of reaching all of my stretch goals for the work. Also, Queen’s Prize Tourney has been announced, and I’ve already found a couple of people to sponsor.

Tomorrow: Day off; more embroidery.