Siege Diaries 12/29/2021

It’s been a good break so far.

There was a lovely Christmas day with friends–no, the word really should be chosen family because they are.

I braved the mall long enough to get next year’s Christmas cards and a couple of Hallmark ornaments.

I wrote the script for a Toastmasters webinar and got it on the schedule.

I’ve planned out my Rus’ opashen (coat), including ordering an old black Persian lamb coat to cut up and some frog closures.

I have spent significant chunks of the past two days cleaning, including a focused deep cleaning of the carpet on the stairs, which had accumulated way too much cat hair. This also included setting up the new clock radio and tidying the chaos in the bedside table area.

I built my Lego Architecture set of New York buildings.

I finished up the PMI Agile Project Pro module and got my PDUs. I’m now just brushing up on some reading so I can do the exam, probably this weekend, and discovering just how different PMI’s PMBOK is now. It’s no longer about methodologies that exist in some kind of perfect world. Whole concepts like the Triple Constraint are just gone. That’s a little scary, but what is there is a lot more tools that project managers can use in their projects, a lot more focus on how to be a good leader, all kinds of advice on tailoring, and lots of stuff on agile processes.

I noticed that the crystals on my cherub lamp were susceptible to falling out, so I made new hooks for them with jewellery eye pins.

I’ve dropped presents off with friends. I’ve picked up Betty’s (they had the pumpkin pie this time!) and more Graeters ice cream.

There’s a one-shot Pathfinder campaign tomorrow. There will be a massage on Friday.

A lot of this is what I’d planned–I always do projects over the holidays. That makes the desire to hunker down–even as I will hit my two-week booster shot anniversary tomorrow–a little easier. But the desire to eat in a restaurant is gone for now. And I have to wonder about a concert scheduled for just ten days from now–although it’ll take place in a huge concert hall at reduced capacity with a small orchestra. I guess I will know soon enough. Not to mention the SCA event planned towards the end of the month.

For all my energy, it’s still exhausting. But I keep it up because I don’t like the alternative.