Siege Diaries 3/6/2022

Schroedinger’s Meep. Just one oddity in a week full of extremes. When we went to bed on Friday evening, we were sure she was upstairs–I even made sure to fetch her from the office. But Saturday morning, somehow she was back stuck in my office. And I have no idea how she got there…

It’s been a week of real ups and downs–not just with the world, where the invasion of Ukraine continues, but so does the resistance–but with me personally. Tuesday, we drove up to Union Chicken for a pre-birthday dinner, followed by in-person board gaming. On Wednesday, I was fine when I woke up, but was soon in excruciating pain on my left side–like a cramp that would not subside. I could not get comfortable. It sounded familiar, and after checking with Dave I was about 90% sure I was dealing with a kidney stone. We went first to the walk-in clinic, which was closed, and then over to a local ambulatory urgent care/ER. After a couple of hours, they gave me some narcotics; around the same time, I gave a urine sample and thereafter the pain seemed to subside. I strongly suspect I passed the stone at that time, as it did not show up on the ultrasound. (They also confirmed that nothing was awry with my ovarian cyst). Since then, I’ve only needed some of the naproxen they gave me and none of the hydromorphone, and I went ahead with the massage I had scheduled for Friday morning. I have a follow-up tomorrow with my own doctor.

But yesterday, my birthday, was nice. It’s a Fibonacci birthday for someone whose whole birthdate involves Fibonacci numbers. I am hoping this is a good sign. I listened to lots of Shostakovich, watched two episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and had homemade lasagna and my own rum cake at a friend’s place. while we watched Death of Stalin.

But today, after a restless night’s sleep when I couldn’t stop obsessing over a project plan, I was taking some side roads in to kill time on the way to the museum, and did a U-turn and got the car stuck on the side of the road (the front wheel was on a patch of melting ice). I was quickly freed and continued on in, though, and have had an enjoyable rest of the day with both my roleplaying games. I’ve made significant progress on the current embroidery, too–enough that I am hoping I can make the final push on it this week.

Also, there were wonderful raspberry paczki.