Opera mea manu

Works by my hand, in thread and pigment

The Tenth. Silk blackwork and redwork with gold bullion on 18 count cotton. August 2021

Rus’ style portrait (for SMASH 3), July 2021
Mini quilt with caricatures worked in silk thread on silk backgrounds. The light blue, green, and orange are hand-dyed. July 2021.
Shostakovich working on his Symphony no. 8, from a photo taken by his wife in 1943 in Ivanovo. Silk embroidery, June 2021
Pallas’ Cat, May 2021
Medieval “butt trumpet” marginalia, cotton thread, April 2021
Medieval cats, from a bestiary. Silk thread. April, 2021
Medieval Cat Marginalia #4: Cat Snail, silk embroidery, March 2021
Illuminated letter P, gouache on pergamenata, January 2021
Dmitri Shostakovich #6 (1960), silk embroidery, March 2021
Russian Tetralogical Style/Shostakovich 8th Symphony, gouache on pergamenata, January 2021
Cat With No F**Ks to Give, cotton embroidery, October 2020
Dmitri Shostakovich #2, silk embroidery, September 2021
Medieval Cat Marginalia #3: Crossbow Ginger Cat, silk embroidery, March 2021
Medieval Cat Marginalia #2: Rocket Cat, February 2021
Medieval Cat Marginalia #1: Duke Derp Cat, silk embroidery, February 2021
Dmitry Shostakovich #5 (1925), silk embroidery, January 2021
Dmitri Shostakovich #3, silk embroidery, November 2020
Dmitri Shostakovich #3, cotton embroidery, September 2020