Siege Diaries 11/17/2020


Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt:  Is it really my place to judge other people?

This follows well on what I wrote about yesterday.  I think it’s important to understand, however, that the “judging” we’re talking about is about interior qualities–one’s own personal philosophy or morality.  We’re not talking about actions. If someone does something dangerous or harmful to others, they absolutely should be stopped and be told, in no uncertain terms, that that behaviour is unacceptable and what consequences will result from that behaviour.   That’s not “judging.”  That’s justice.  What this passage is highlighting is that the only behaviour you have completely under your control is your own.  You need to take responsibility for that first and foremost.  It is so easy to become defensive when called on your behaviour, to assign blame to others or to circumstances, rather than owning your response to these circumstances.

It’s United Way week at work, which, of course, is a bit odd this year.  In previous years, there was often a pancake breakfast where all of the execs cooked, although our new office hadn’t made that easy to pull off any more.  There were always raffles for a variety of prizes, too, which I often volunteered to help with, and a silent auction.  I’m not sure whether any of these will happen this year.  However, they do have a virtual photo scavenger hunt going, and I signed right up for that one, based on how much fun I had at the SCA one back in July.  This one is a little less intense, and spread out over three weeks. I believe we have six people on our team (including, I noticed, a couple of people who often do really well on these sorts of things), and we have to come up with, I believe, seven photos this week, with a member of the team in at least one photo and extra bonus points for wearing our yellow volunteering shirts.  I signed up for “something I cannot live without” and “doing something that makes me happy.”  I chose music for the former and embroidery for the latter:

I also got a hilarious shot of me with two of the cats, which I’m saving to see if it will work for something next week.

The embroidery I am working on in the photo is Shostakovich portrait #4.  It’s progressing incredibly quickly now–I just more or less finished the hair tonight, which means that it’s pretty much clothing that remains.  I ordered a couple of shades of white from Gitta’s, one of which I’ll do the shirt with;  hopefully it arrives before I need it. I am exceedingly happy with it, and once it’s done I’ll post pics of some of the progression.

I’ve also entered Furiosa into a “Canada’s Cutest Adopted Pet” contest.   Go vote here!

I’ve also learned that I can now rent the movie based on Radium Girls online for streaming.  I’ve got the site bookmarked and hopefully over the next couple of days I’ll get a chance to watch it.